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Do you think you should be further ahead than you are?

You work hard for your money – we make your money work hard for you!

At Intagen Wealth

We concentrate on the 4 Fundamental Planning Keys

Full Financial Planning

Every professional athlete has a coach that helps them get the best out of themselves, we are a team of dedicated professionals that help you get the most out of your finances.

At Intagen Wealth we concentrate on the 4 Fundamental Planning Keys that are needed to unlock your financial freedom.

We believe that the most effective plans not only contain these keys but also combine them to work in synergy with one another.

IntaGEN Wealth Financial Planning


In order to get ahead in life, what’s coming in needs to be greater than what’s going out. In order to follow this simple rule you need to be aware of what your balance sheet looks like.

Our team help you figure out what’s coming in from all sources, what's going out, and then help you see if there are ways to improve this.

Do you think you should be further ahead than you are?
Not sure where it’s all going?
Not using a budget effectively?

Ask us to take a look with you and help you get on track.


You may think that your car, your house, your business, etc. may be your most valuable asset, but in reality your ability to work and earn an income is what enables you to have those things, without out that the money and your plans soon evaporate.

We are here to help you plan for this and whether it be through injury or illness we are here to make sure you can concentrate on healing, not stressing about making ends meet.

What would you do if you couldn’t go to work tomorrow and lost income for the next 6 months?
What if it lasted 3 years?

Ask how we can help you plan and even receive money back if you don’t claim.

We also help businesses provide packages for their employees to ensure maximum employee satisfaction, attraction and retention.


Be it for a car, new home, vacation, or retirement, we are here to help you plan for it in the simplest, most effective and tax efficient ways possible.

We have a wide range of industry leading investment carriers at our fingertips and with our customizable planning software your future can look very bright indeed.

The best time to have started planning for your future was yesterday, the next best time is now, so get in touch and let’s see what the future can hold.

Estate Planning

They say there are only two certainties in life; Death and Taxes, and we help you prepare for both.

Losing a loved one at any stage of life can be devastating and can often leave not only an emotional void but a financial one too.

Our goal is to help you figure out what you, your loved ones, or even your business would need so that a death has the least financial impact possible.

Did you know that if used correctly it can be one of the greatest financial investments that you ever make?
Not just for those left behind but also for yourself?

Ask about our double duty dollar strategies and how you can use life insurance as a tax-free investment vehicle, especially as a business owner!


At Intagen Wealth

We concentrate on the 4 Fundamental Planning Keys

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